Englert Theater  March 25,  2017

Guys, if you like to sing we are the place for you!  Be our guest any Thursday! 
( especially Baritone, a magical piece of the barbershop blend )

         Rehearsals Thursday 7-9 pm    Robert Lee Community Center   Iowa City



May 4 - Cookie Festival - Robert A Lee Rec Center - Iowa City
Every Year OLD CAPITOL CHORUS hosts a festival of singing, brotherhood and entertainment.  This year is no different.  One additional concept to add.  Invite someone new to barbershop singing from your community. Music connects people from all backgrounds and life circumstances. Join the effort to pass along this hobby to every generation.  


2017 Board of Directors

  Dale Bieber,  President.  dalebieber@gmail.com
   Dave Tingwald,  Secretary  dave@tingwald.net
  Christopher Eland, Treasurer  
   David Keeley, Past Pres./ Marketing   davekeeley7@msn.com
   Eddie Allen, Membership  cebassa@yahoo.com
   Mark Sadewasser, At-large  mark-sadewasser@uiowa.edu


                                                                                      Director Chad Clark

 “It is an absolute pleasure to be in community with this exceptional group of barbershoppers and human beings! As the new director of the Old Capitol Chorus, I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to experience the harmony and excitement of barbershop singing — I guarantee you will leave inspired! It is my hope to honor the traditions of this chorus, and to collectively create an atmosphere that values vocal excellence. Singing is an expression of the human spirit, and we welcome you to make us a part of your vocal journey — we look forward to having you with us!”
  All men sing!



The Mission of Old Capitol Chorus is to uphold the Code of Ethics of the Barbershop Harmony Society;  enrich the lives of members with music and fellowship;  achieve higher singing quality in the barbershop style;  reach throughout our community to teach and entertain;  welcome and accept men of good character into our chapter.


                             www.centralstatesdistrict.com                                                             www.barbershop.org