Happy New Year!

OCC rehearses at Robert Lee Community Center on Thursdays, 7 PM
We're prepping for our March 24 Show at the Englert.

For guys who love to sing - come on by and join in!



We are seeking a Musical Director. (1/16/2018)  Please contact us. Thank you!

Dale Bieber    dalebieber@gmail.com
David Keeley  davekeeley7@msn.com

Board of Directors:
Bob Lehman - At-large
Noah Anderson - At-large
Dale Bieber,  President.  dalebieber@gmail.com
Dave Tingwald,  Secretary  dave@tingwald.net
Christopher Eland, Treasurer   orangeteal@gmail.com
David Keeley, Past Pres./ Marketing   davekeeley7@msn.com
Eddie Allen, Membership  cebassa@yahoo.com