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The Old Capitol Chorus was chartered on December 26, 1963. It was originally named the Iowa City Melody Hawks, and after a short time, the name was changed to avoid confusion with the Cedar Rapids Harmony Hawks, our sponsoring chapter. The Iowa City chapter had 39 charter members, and the first director was Glenn Jablonski, a music teacher in the Iowa City public school system. 
         October 3, 1964 contest in Omaha, NE.

THE CHARTER MEMBERS:  Byron Beeler, Homer Berven, Jim Butler, Dick Buxton, Donald Conlon, Walt Corey, Roger Crumley, Fred Dorheim, Tom Dwyer, Dan Eicher, Louis Eichler, Bob Froeschle, John Grady, Charles Ingersoll, Glen Jablonski, Wally Johnson, George Kampling, Ed Kessberger, Francis Lalor, Kenneth Larson, Ernie Lund, William Maas, William McGurk, John Moore, Don Mortvedt, Gene Oathout, Bill Olney, Jim O'Toole, Paul Oxley, Gene Potter, Chuck Putnam, Ed Rudi, Don Saxton, Gene Schlaegel, Larry Simmons, Bob Thoennes, Gordon Webster and Bob Wessel.
We wish to thank Gerry Miller for many years of creative script writing of our annual shows. What a blast the chorus had performing the lines and stories. Also, many stage sets and props continue to be built from the skillful hands and imagination of Dave Gurwell
2019 - Noah's HarkPerformed at West High School Auditorium. Guest groups: MetroMix Sweet Adeline Chorus. Big Wheel Award to Bev Hamilton

2018 - Musical Monopoly. Big Wheel Award to West Music Coralville

2017 - United We Sing! with Fleet Street quartet, A Seasoned Sound quartet, and UI Old Gold. The Big Wheel Award was presented
to Rich Riggleman.

2016 - Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Regina Education Center. Guests included Regina Senior Women choir, June Braverman's Nunnies. Big Wheel in the Arts award to Mary Cohen.

2015 - Almost Irish.  Held at Iowa City City High School Auditorium, with two shows.  Guest quartet was Instant Classic. Big Wheel in the Arts award to June Braverman.
2014 - Old Capitol Chorus Celebrates 50 Years Of Harmony. Featuring former OCC directors Doug Nichol, Jim Inghram, Lyndon Crist, Larry Monson, Jim Berry, Chad Knipfer, and in remembrance, Larry Knipfer.  First Big Wheel in the Arts award to Dottie Ray.

2013 - King of the Road  Englert theater. Set design Dave Gurwell. Script by Gerry Miller.

2012 - Good Evening Mr.Sullivan at the Englert with: Voices Unlimited, The Regular Joes, The Choir Boys, Regina Concert Choir.

2011 - Grandpa, What's A Crooner?  Englert Theater.  With The Regular Joes quartet.


Date: February 21, 2009

Barbershop Fever

Quartet: High Definition
Place: Englert Theater

Date: March 1, 2008

Ain't No Choir, Boys

Quartet: MetroMix Chorus & Streamline
Place: Englert Theater

Date: March. 10, 2007

Studio 59


StormFront & Streamline

Place: Englert Theater

Date: Feb. 18, 2006

Radio Days

Quartet: GOTCHA! & Streamline
Place: Englert Theater

Date: Feb. 19, 2005

Who Needs Alumni

Quartet: Max Q & Vocal Spectrum
Place: Englert Theater

Date: Feb. 21, 2004
Theme: When U Wore A Big Red Nose
Quartet: Power Play
Place: West High

Date: Feb. 8, 2003
Theme: Ain't No Pirates Around Here
Quartet: Gas House Gang & Two State Four
Place: West High

Date: Feb. 9, 2002
Theme: But He Loved His Horse
Quartet: Platinum & Reckless Abandon
Place: City High

Date: Feb. 10, 2001
Theme: But He Loved His Mother
Quartet: Fred & Reckless Abandon
Place: McBride Theater

Date: Feb. 18, 2000
Theme: Gone Fishing
Quartet: Expanded Sound & Reckless Abandon & Sound Attraction
Place: West High

Date: March 27, 1999
Theme: That Old Gang Of Mine
Quartet: Accoustix & Reckless Abandon
Place: West High

Date: April 24th & 25th, 1998
Theme: Straight From Our Hearts
Quartet: The Ritz & City Lights & 4th Ave. Jazz (City High)
Place: West High

Date: April 5, 1997
Theme: Evening With The Old Capitol Chorus
Quartet: Gas House Gang & Good Time Co. (West High)
Place: West High

Date: April 20, 1996
Theme: A Girl Like You
Quartet: Missouri River Rascals & Old Gold Singers
Place: West High

Date: Sept. 23, 1995
Theme: The Lost Episode - Mash
Quartet: Renaisance & Classic Revue & Naples Crossing
Place: West High

Date: Sept 17, 1994
Theme: Radio Days
Quartet: Sound Legacy
Place: IMU New Ballroom

Date: Feb. 13, 1993
Theme: If She Looks Good to Mother
Quartet: Ralston Creek Reunion & Starshine (Sweet Ad.)
Place: Clapp Recital Hall

Date: May 9, 1992
Theme: Hats Off to Barbershop
Quartet: Ralston Creek Reunion & Gashouse Gang
Place: City High

Date: March 15, 1991
Theme: Those Goode Olde Songs
Quartet: Harmony Hawks (CR Chorus) & Ralston Creek Reunion
Place: Clapp Recital Hall

Date: March 16, 1990
Theme: A Bit O' the Blarney
Quartet: VocalMotive
Place: Clapp Recital Hall

Date: March 17, 1989
Theme: If There'd Never Been An Ireland
Quartet: Ralston Creek Reunion &Crosstown Sound
Place: Clapp Recital Hall


Oct. 29, 1988

Theme: 25 Years of Harmony
Quartet: Ham 'n Wry & Harmony Hawks
Place: City High

Date: Sept. 26, 1987
Theme: A Parade of Harmony
Quartet: The School Board & Celebration
Place: City High

Date: 1986
No Show - MacBride Benefit Concert

Date: May 5, 1985
Theme: Chips Off the Old Block
Quartet: Ralston Creek Reunion & City High Guys
Place: City High

Date: May 6, 1984
Theme: Over There (Over Where?)
Quartet: Rural Route 4
Place: City High

Date: March 12, 1983
Theme: Barbershop Wants YOU!
Quartet: Male Delivery & Vigortones
Place: City High

Date: April 3, 1982
Theme: There's Something I Like About Broadway
Quartet: Mainstreet Express & Starshine (Sweet Ad.)
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: April 4, 1981
Theme: Clancy Lowers the Boom!
Quartet: Valley Four-Gers & Main Street
Place: Hancher Auditoruim

Date: March 22, 1980
Theme: ...But He Loved His Mother!
Quartet: Chords Unlimited & Cavaliers
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: 1979
Theme: College Daze
Quartet: Formalities & Chord Motor Co. & Chapter Four
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: 1978
Theme: Joe Sent Me
Quartet: ?
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: March 1977
Theme: Nobody's Singing at the Old Barbershop
Quartet: Innsiders & Formalities & New Outlook
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: March 1976
Theme: Thanks, Irving Berlin
Quartet: Dealer's Choice & River City Delegation
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: March 1975
Theme: Sentimental Journey
Quartet: Vagabonds & Feedlot Four
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: 1974
Theme: To the Tables Down at Morey's
Quartet: ?
Place: Hancher Auditorium

Date: March 10, 1973
Theme: Moon on the Mississippi
Quartet: Citations & Grandma's Boys
Place: Hancher Auditorium