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Chapter Eternal

The Old Capitol Chorus has been blessed throughout the years with members attracted to the "Power of Music" which is eternal. It is our pleasure to provide information about members whose earthly presence has passed while their musical spirit is present in our hobby and lives. We are grateful for their commitment to The Old Capitol Chorus and the barbershop style of music.

Larry Knipfer
Chapter Member  1972 to 2013
Larry transferred to "Chapter Eternal" October 13, 2013
Below is an email response from Larry to a request for autobiography information from chapter members.  We did not have the opportunity to post this prior to Larry passing.  While short and to the point it doesn't cover much of Larry's true contribution to the community, however it is a great of example of Larry's personality and sense of humor.  

"Here is my bio. I tried to keep it within 5 hours of reading and then I cut it down some. Hee Hee.

I moved to I.C. in 1970 from Early IA. where I met my wife Sally. Taught music for 35 years and retired in 2002. Sal and I have two boys (Ben b.1976 and Chad b. 1978) four grandchildren (Katie, Jackson, Anson, Stepgrandchild Samantha). Of course, they are the best.  My boys grew up with BS and it has been a part of their lives which has been a joy for me. They sing with OCC, Sing together in a fine quartet called “Choir Boy’s”, and Chad directs the Chorus.

Doug Nichol introduced me to OCC and the Barbershop style. If you have a couple of days I can fill you in on my 35 years of BS. I’ll  highlight it a little. My first Quartet was the “Formalities”. We won the Central States District in 1973. We qualified for international six times and competed five times. We lost our bass to cancer and had to scratch once. After our last international Doug Nichol had a job offer that he could not refuse so he moved to Toledo Ohio and he sang in a quartet that won international called the “Ritz”. Since then I have sung in 5 quartets the latest is the “Regular Joes”, a Senior Quartet.

I have been active in many hobbies over the years but unable to continue with some of the more physical ones because of health.  Golf, bowling, horseshoes, gardening, camping, traveling, fishing, hunting, and bird watching.

Dave Gurwell made a quote which is Sal and I’s favorite quote also. JUST DO IT. I got my bio done so how about the rest of you OCC guys. JUST DO  IT ".


Richard (Dick) Brown

Chapter Member for over 40 years.
Dick was an influential chapter member.  He was responsible for the addition of more than 25 members to chorus including his brother Bill Brown.  The chorus had much success during the years of his membership, benefiting from his enthusiasm and supportive nature.  Dick sang and was active with the chorus until his 80's.