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Past Competitions for OCC

For full results on the October 12, 2013 Central States District - Chorus and Quartet contest In Kansas City MO. click: http://www.centralstatesdistrict.com/conventions.html
For those that didn't attend , a little background on what you missed:
14 competing Choruses
29 competing Quartets
OCC competed with 29 members, 4 of which are new to the chorus. 
Chorus in competition attire had a group photo taken.
We sang WW1 Medley as an opener and followed up with Brother Can you Spare a Dime. Score:
We scored a whopping 1199 with an average of 66.6 for 9th place.  Our highest score since ???
At 1:45 pm we had our chorus review.  Many good suggestions were received.

Noteworthy facts about the weekend:
Several wives of chorus members were able to attend for the weekend.
Piet Elzinga and Scott Popham wanted to sing bad enough that they drove down, competed and drove back to Iowa City the day of the competition.
Sean Smith rode his 3 wheeler down and back.  Why not the weather was good.
John Marshall took stage with other CSD Hall of Famers.  Way to go John.
Larry Knipfer sang in his last performance as a barbershopper.  Larry was a great mentor and instructor as well as a competitor.
J.P.Marshal l provided guidance and oversight for the chorus.  He is never off line.
The make-up room was crowded but well organized which was a comfort to those first timers.
Thanks to Bill Phelps for helping as the district housing chair to secure rooms for the OCC members.
Ruxton Smith gave it all after a recent surgery.
Brad Kiesey drove in from Michigan to compete with OCC.
Tom Schulein worked for the OCC and the district the entire weekend as the new district historian.

There is much from the weekend that is not here in print.  The chorus board wants to thank all members of the chorus for singing with the chapter and supporting the many types of singing opportunities.