At the Englert   March 2017

                                A Seasoned Sound at the Englert


              June Braverman   2015              


Big Wheel Award  2016
Mary Cohen

Each year the OCC likes to recognize a member of the community making an impact in the arts.  Congratulations and many thanks to Mary for her work and support in the community.



John Marshall, Gerry Miller, Larry Knipfer, Tom Schulein
The Regular Joes at contest, Altoona, Iowa
John Marshall, Gerry Miller, Larry Knipfer, Tom Schulein, bass.




Harmony in the Hall  2017 

                        Dottie Ray   Big Wheel Award  2014                 


  UI graduate Katelyn Lathrop's Spring 2015 documentary:



              The Regular Joes at the Englert  2012                            
Larry Knipfer, tenor  John Marshall, lead  Eddie Allen, bass 
Gerry Miller, baritone

Northside Oktoberfest   2012